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Many SNOMED CT Concepts have relationships with content in other areas of terminology. These Relationships are one of the ways in which SNOMED CT provides computer readable definitions for medical concepts. For example, diseases in SNOMED CT generally have a Relationship to the body site affected by the disorder and a Relationship to the morphology associated with the disease. Procedures in SNOMED CT might have Relationships to the concept, which defines the type of surgical action being carried and the procedure site, for example. Examples of Relationships for a disease and a procedure are shown below. A full list of the Relationships that can be used for each type of Concept can be found in .

Figure 44. Relationship for disease appendicitis

Figure 45. Relationships for procedure craniotomy
These Relationships are very useful in the context of data retrieval and analysis. The Relationships can also be used to aid in the search for specific SNOMED CT Concepts in cases where the term alone may not sufficiently distinguish between choices. For example, a search for all inflammatory diseases of the lung could be carried out as follows:

To achieve these same results with a string search we would have to perform separate searches for |pneumonia|, , 196075003 |pleurisy| and many other conditions that cannot be linked via a sample string search.