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Current Version - Under Revision

This section of the guide describes the Terminology services that are likely to be required to navigate SNOMED CT hierarchies.

One of the key strengths of SNOMED CT 116680003 |is a| rich set of relationships that connect the concepts within the terminology. The primary use of these relationships is to facilitate selective retrieval. However, some of these relationships are arranged in hierarchies that can be navigated using an appropriate user-interface control. For example, the subtype hierarchy formed by the 116680003 |is a| relationships can be used to navigate from a selected concept to another concept that has a more specific or less specific meaning.

SNOMED CT also specifies standard ways to represent multiple navigation hierarchies that can be designed to meet different requirement. Unlike relationship based hierarchies, navigation hierarchies convey no semantic information but are intended to be used to enhance the user experience when navigating through the terminology.