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Terminology servers should provide efficient access to the Identifiers that represent concepts with structurally significant Roles within the terminology. lists the concepts that have the most clear-cut structurally significant Roles. A terminology server should enable access to these Identifiers by an easy to use name of enumeration. In addition a terminology server should provide a service that rapidly determines whether a given concept is a subtype of any of these concepts. It is also useful to for the terminology server to extend similar functionality to all direct subtypes of the root concept ( 138875005 |SNOMED CT Concept|) and to subtype descendants of 410662002 |concept model attribute| .

Table 30. Essential concept Identifiers




Preferred Term


138875005 |SNOMED CT Concept (SNOMED RT+CTV3)|

138875005 |SNOMED CT Concept|

The root concept. All other active concepts are subtypes of this concept .

900000000000441003 |SNOMED CT Model Component (metadata)|

900000000000441003 |SNOMED CT Model Component|

All active metadata concepts are subtypes of this concept .

900000000000442005 |Core metadata concept (core metadata concept)|

900000000000442005 |core metadata concept|

All enumerated values applicable to core components are subtypes of this concept .

900000000000454005 |Foundation metadata concept (foundation metadata concept)|

900000000000454005 |foundation metadata concept|

All reference sets and all reference set related metadata concept are subtypes of this concept .

900000000000455006 |Reference set (foundation metadata concept)|

900000000000455006 |reference set|

All reference sets are subtypes of this concept .

116680003 |Is a (attribute)|

116680003 |is a|

The Attribute used to specify the subtype Relationship between concepts .

246061005 |Attribute (attribute)|

246061005 |attribute|

All Attribute ( relationship type) concepts are subtypes of this concept .

410662002 |Concept model attribute (attribute)|

410662002 |concept model attribute|

With the exception of the subtype Relationship (see above) all relationship types that are used in the SNOMED CT Concept Model are subtypes of this concept .

370136006 |Namespace concept (namespace concept)|

370136006 |namespace concept|

Each subtype of this concept represents an extension namespaces allocated by the IHTSDO .

363743006 |Navigational concept (navigational concept)|

363743006 |navigational concept|

Subtypes of this concept to provide nodes in navigation hierarchies. They act as grouper categories that do not have any semantic meaning and thus do not appear elsewhere in the SNOMED CT hierarchy.