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Current Version - Under Revision

A terminology server should enable client applications to rapidly find the current version of a Concept by its unique Identifier ( Concept .id).

Once a Concept has been found, the client application should be able to read the values of the properties of that Concept which are either:

  1. Provided directly as Concept file fields:
  2. Provided indirectly through associations to other


  3. Provided indirectly via relevant

    Reference sets


Information about Inactive Concepts

The Concept .active field is a boolean value which distinguishes between active and inactive concepts . To find out more information about the status of a concept it is necessary to look for a relevant row in the 900000000000480006 |Attribute value type reference set (foundation metadata concept)| .

The example query below illustrates this process.

/* sv_concept refers to a snapshot view of concept */

/* sv_refset_status refers to a snapshot view of the */

/* inactivation Refset with term lookup see below */

SELECT `c`.`id` AS `ConceptId`,

(CASE WHEN (`r`.`RsActive` = 1) THEN

`r`.`ValueTerm` else

(CASE WHEN `c`.`active` THEN

'Current' ELSE

'Inactive no reason' END)

END) AS `Status`

FROM (`sv_concept` `c`

LEFT JOIN `sv_refset_status` `r`

ON (`r`.`ItemId` = `c`.`id`))

WHERE `c`.`id`=[some-concept-id];

/* Query generating the sv_refset_status view */

/* sv_refset_c is snapshot view of the cRefset table */

/* sv_fsn is a snapshot view of fully specified names */

/* See section on access to Descriptions for details */

SELECT `r`.`active` AS `RsActive`,`r`.`referencedComponentId` AS `ItemId`

,`d2`.`conceptId` AS `ValueId`,`d2`.`term` AS `ValueTerm`

FROM (`sv_refset_c` `r` join `sv_fsn` `d2`)

WHERE ((`d2`.`conceptId` = `r`.`valueId`)

AND (`r`.`refsetId` = 900000000000489007));

Figure 34. Determining concept status

If a concept is inactive then, it may be necessary to follow the historical associations to locate the active concept (s) that have replaced or disambiguated the inactive concept . illustrates and finds the id of the active equivalent of a duplicate concept .

/* Find SAME AS reference for a duplicate concept */

/* sv_refset_c is snapshot view of the cRefset table */

SELECT `targetComponent`

FROM `sv_refset_c`

WHERE `refsetId`=900000000000527005

AND `referencedComponentId`=[some-concept-id];

Figure 35. Following historical associations