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Current Version - Under Revision

A terminology server should enable client applications to rapidly find the current version of a Concept by its unique Identifier ( Concept .id).

Once a Concept has been found, the client application should be able to read the values of the properties of that Concept which are either:

  1. Provided directly as Concept file fields:
  2. Provided indirectly through associations to other components:
  3. Provided indirectly via relevant Reference sets:

Information about Inactive Concepts

The field is a boolean value which distinguishes between active and inactive concepts. To find out more information about the status of a concept it is necessary to look for a relevant row in the 900000000000480006 |Attribute value type reference set (foundation metadata concept)| .

The example query below illustrates this process.

/* sv_concept refers to a snapshot view of concept */

/* sv_refset_status refers to a snapshot view of the */

/* inactivation Refset with term lookup see below */

SELECT `c`.`id` AS `ConceptId`,

(CASE WHEN (`r`.`RsActive` = 1) THEN

`r`.`ValueTerm` else

(CASE WHEN `c`.`active` THEN

'Current' ELSE

'Inactive no reason' END)

END) AS `Status`

FROM (`sv_concept` `c`

LEFT JOIN `sv_refset_status` `r`

ON (`r`.`ItemId` = `c`.`id`))

WHERE `c`.`id`=[some-concept-id];

/* Query generating the sv_refset_status view */

/* sv_refset_c is snapshot view of the cRefset table */

/* sv_fsn is a snapshot view of fully specified names */

/* See section on access to Descriptions for details */

SELECT `r`.`active` AS `RsActive`,`r`.`referencedComponentId` AS `ItemId`

,`d2`.`conceptId` AS `ValueId`,`d2`.`term` AS `ValueTerm`

FROM (`sv_refset_c` `r` join `sv_fsn` `d2`)

WHERE ((`d2`.`conceptId` = `r`.`valueId`)

AND (`r`.`refsetId` = 900000000000489007));

Figure 34. Determining concept status

If a concept is inactive then, it may be necessary to follow the historical associations to locate the active concept (s) that have replaced or disambiguated the inactive concept. illustrates and finds the id of the active equivalent of a duplicate concept .

/* Find SAME AS reference for a duplicate concept */

/* sv_refset_c is snapshot view of the cRefset table */

SELECT `targetComponent`

FROM `sv_refset_c`

WHERE `refsetId`=900000000000527005

AND `referencedComponentId`=[some-concept-id];

Figure 35. Following historical associations