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Current Version - Under Revision

This concept enumeration applies to the moduleId field which is present in all released SNOMED CT components ( RF2). The value applied to a particular component indicates the development module within which that component was created and is being maintained.

Each of the values in  Table 4.1.1-1 represents a development module. The range of permitted list of values is extensible by addition of branches to the hierarchy shown in modules managed by other organizations (i.e. in an extensions namespace) and to add specific module identifiers within each branch.

Some concepts in the moduleId hierarchy are groupers, created only for the purpose of organizing the hierarchy. These grouper concepts should not be used as a moduleId. For example, the concept must not itself be used as a moduleId.

Table 4.1.1-1: SNOMED International maintained module (core metadata concept) (900000000000445007)

Figure 4.1.1-1: Hierarchy of SNOMED CT moduleId values