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Current Version - Under Revision

A key feature of SNOMED CT Release Format 2 is that it allows a single database table to represent the full view of a SNOMED CT component . This view includes all versions of the component from its first release up to its state in the latest release. This offers several significant benefits which are described elsewhere in the guide.

Most frequently used SNOMED CT functions need to provide access to a 'snapshot' view of the content of SNOMED CT at a point in time.

  • Everyday use of


    for data entry and retrieval will generally require a current 'snapshot' view.

Example: To see the active content of SNOMED CT including all the most up to date components and excluding any components that have been marked as inactive.

  • There are some situations in which a retrospective 'snapshot' view of the data at a selected point in the past is required.


To see the definition of a concept as it was when a record entry was created.

To see the version of the International Release on which the latest available version of an Extension was based.