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Current Version - Under Revision

The process of importing an Extension is similar to importing the main distribution files. However, some additional functionality is required to ensure appropriate installation, maintenance and use of Extensions . Applications should:

Check each Extension prior to installation to ensure that:

  • It is one of the


    recognized by the user.
  • It is supported by or based on the currently installed

    International Release

  • The required versions of other


    on which this


    depends have already been installed (or have been selected for installation as part of the same import process).
  • Any dependencies of the


    have been met. These dependencies may include:

Note: Dependencies are represented using the moduleId and the 5.2.12 Module Dependency Reference Set .


If any components fail any of these tests the entire Extension must be rejected. Rejecting individual components is liable to lead to inconsistent data. Accepting data that fails these test may create conflicts between different Extensions or between the Extension and the International release .

  • Reject, highlight or apply other agreed business rules to information received by the system that contains




    from namespaces that are not in the list, or recognized