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Current Version - Under Revision

The import process should check the imported data to confirm that:

  • The distribution files imported are all part of the same release.
  • The set of files imported is complete and includes all mandatory components.
  • In the case of a

    delta release

    , the data previously imported is the version immediately prior to the

    delta release

    being imported.
  • In the case of a snapshot or

    full release

    , pre-existing data has been removed:
    • Alternatively the import process may be configured to overwrite duplicate rows so that:
      • The end result of a snapshot import does not contain any obsolete rows;
      • The end result of a

        full release

        import is identical to the content of the

        full release

  • All component


  • All fields meet data type, size and value constraints specified for the relevant tables.

Other consistency checks may also be applied to ensure the integrity of the data.