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Current Version - Under Revision

There are different ways of representing a terminology query that can be sent to a terminology server :

  • Concept and Refset references: lists of Ids of concept that can be retrieved from the server.
  • Text based queries: text phrases that will be applied to concept Descriptions in order to retrieve results for the query.
  • Concept definition queries: the query provides a concept definition, and the server returns all concepts that are subsumed by, or are equivalent to the definition.
  • Expression retrieval: predicate terminology expressions that can be applied to all candidate concepts in the terminology to test for inclusion in the results, with filtering by hierarchy and attributes. These expressions are defined using a standard expression grammar that can be parsed and transformed in order to be evaluated against candidate concepts .
  • Query languages: a query language combines any of the previous data retrieval techniques in the same syntax, including references to concepts by Ids, by text searches, by refsets or by hierarchy and attributes.