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Terms in Languages

The termsInLanguages procedure displays the terms associated with a list of selected concepts in one or more specified languages or dialects. The concepts to be selected are specified by a comma-separated list of conceptIds and the languages in which they are to be displayed are specified by a comma-separated list of language codes.

Example 4.9.3-1: Example Use of termsInLanguages Procedure

SQL Call to Procedure
call snap_termsInLanguages(p_conceptids,p_langCodes);
ParameterDescriptionData typeExamples
A string containing a comma separated list of concept identifiers.text

A string containing a comma separated list of language codes.

Only languages and dialects in the release files can be selected. With the International Release can be tested with p_langCode set to 'en-GB,en-US'.
If other description files with terms in other languages are imported along with the relevant language refsets then these languages will also be accessible.

Example Procedure Call
call snap_ShowLanguages('80146002,49438003','en-GB,en-US');


80146002FSN en-GB

Excision of appendix (procedure)

80146002Preferred en-GBAppendicectomy
80146002Synonyms en-GB

Excision of appendix

80146002FSN en-US

Excision of appendix (procedure)

80146002Preferred en-USAppendectomy
80146002Synonyms en-US

Excision of appendix

49438003FSN en-GB

Appendectomy with drainage (procedure)

49438003Preferred en-GB

Appendicectomy with drainage

49438003Synonyms en-GB

Appendicectomy and drainage

49438003FSN en-US

Appendectomy with drainage (procedure)

49438003Preferred en-US

Appendectomy with drainage

49438003Synonyms en-US

Appendectomy and drainage

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