A set of techniques to support effective and efficient SNOMED CT search and data entry have been described in the Guide. However, more techniques could be included in future. The following lists of techniques are being considered in future releases of the SNOMED CT Search and Data Entry Guide.

  1. Searching and displaying:
    1. Superscript (^ ^) and subscript (> <) (e.g. for chemical formulae or radionuclides ^186^Platinum)
    2. Diacritic and accented characters (e.g. Sjögren can be found by entering 'sjogren')
    3. Hyphens (e.g. "dot-blot hemorrhage of superior aspect of far peripheral retina of left eye" can be found using by entering "dot blot"
  2. Case sensitive matching
  3. Using wild cards
  4. Search functionality identifying discrete tokens in both user search expressions and in descriptions being indexed as those substrings separated by any of: <space><tab>()[]/,.:;%#&+-*~'^><="
  5. Number substitutions (e.g. "2" can be found when entering "two" or II, or vice versa).
  6. An enhancement to "Search for words within a description in any order" sub-section: Stripping off last word of the search term
  7. Constraining searches to at least 3 characters in a search term
  8. Extending search by stemming substitution
  9. Show search results as they are received not wait until they are completely received