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Constraining searches by status

In Release Format 2 the value of the active field determines whether a concept or description is intended for active use. Searches should usually be filtered to exclude terms associated with Inactive Descriptions or any descriptions applied to an Inactive Concepts .

There are a few cases where a user may legitimately wish to search Inactive Concepts and Descriptions. Possible reasons for this include creating or editing queries that locate previously entered data recorded using Concepts and Descriptions that are no longer recommended for active use. Therefore, it should be possible to disable the active field search filters.

Constraining searches by subtype ancestors

Searches may usefully be limited to Concepts that have a specified supertype ancestor , which is appropriate for the context of a particular field, template or protocol.


When attempting to record the diagnosis "renal calculus," it is not helpful for a search to include the procedures that may be carried out to treat a renal calculus.

Constraining searches by Reference Sets

Searches for Descriptions or Concepts may need to be constrained by Reference Sets. Applications should allow searches to be filtered, ordered or otherwise prioritized in accord with one or more active Reference Sets. Specifically, the search mechanism should support the following functions with respect to the following types of Reference Sets :