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The Association type reference set represents a set of unordered associations of a particular type between components, i.e. concepts, descriptions and relationships. The referencedComponentId references the source component of the association, whereas the reference set specific attribute, the targetComponentId, references the target component of the association.

Figure 5.4-1: Illustration of the overall functionality of Association reference sets

Associations between components can be used to form groups of components, as illustrated in the diagram below. When using an association reference set to specify group, the sort order of the group members is not specified, as when using the Ordered type reference set.


Figure 5.4-2: Using an |Association reference set|to specify groups of components

Reference Set Specific Attributes


Data type




The identifier of the source component of the association.



The identifier of the target  component of the association.

 See specification: 5.2.5 Association Reference Set

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