The  705111002 | Map to SNOMED CT with correlation and origin type reference set|  is used to meet the requirements for representation of maps from codes in another code system  (other-codes) to a  SNOMED CT concept, where the following requirements apply.

  1. A requirement to indicate the degree of correlation between the SNOMED CT concept and the other-codes.
  2. A requirement to indicate whether a concept or code was added to either code system as a result of the mapping process and, in this case, to indicate in which code system the concept or code originated.
  3. A requirement to represent the SNOMED CT attribute to which the  other-code should be applied in order to capture the full specificity of the value represented by the  other-code.
  4. No requirements for mapping rules or advice to be included with each map.

Data Structure

Table Map to SNOMED CT with Correlation and Origin Reference Set - Data structure


Data type


Part of Primary Key


A 128 bit unsigned Integer, uniquely identifying this reference set member.

Different versions of a reference set member share the same id but have different effectiveTime. This allows a reference set member to be modified or made inactive (i.e. removed from the active set) at a specified time.

NOYES (Full /Snapshot)

The inclusive date or time at which this version of the identified reference set member became the current version.

Note: In distribution files the effectiveTime should follow the short ISO date format (YYYYMMDD) and should not include the hours, minutes, seconds or timezone indicator.

The current version of this reference set member at time T is the version with the most recent effectiveTime prior to or equal to time T .


YES (Full)

Optional (Snapshot) 

The state of the identified reference set member as at the specified effectiveTime .

If active = 1 (true) the reference set member is part of the current version of the set, if active = 0 (false) the reference set member is not part of the current version of the set.


Identifies the SNOMED CT module that contains this reference set member as at the specified effectiveTime .

The value must be a subtype of 900000000000443000 | Module (core metadata concept)| within the metadata hierarchy.


A reference to the SNOMED CT component to be included in the reference set.

The SNOMED CT concept to which the code in the other terminology or code system is mapped.


The other-code which maps to the SNOMED CT conceptspecified as the referencedComponentId.


A reference to the SNOMED CT concept representing the attribute to which the referencedComponentId (other-code) applies. In some cases, other-codes may be overloaded with a meaning that combines the meaning of a specific attribute with a value applied to it in the SNOMED CT concept model1 , in these cases accurate mapping needs to specify both aspects of the meaning. The attributeId provides effective disambiguation in these cases. Values of attributeId are restricted to subtypes of | Concept model attribute| .


An indication of whether the concept was initially in one of the terminologies (SNOMED CT or other-codes) and added to the other as part of mapping or was in both terminologies at the outset. Values are subtypes of   705116007 | Original code system source for linked content value| .



The following metadata hierarchy supports this reference set:

Table Map to SNOMED CT with correlation and origin type reference set in the Metadata Hierarchy

Reference Set Descriptor and Example Data

Notes on the tables used to show descriptors and examples

The reference set example tables on this page have been revised as follows to aid clarity and understanding:

  • The first four columns which are present in all release files are not shown. The omitted columns (ideffectiveTimeactivemoduleId) are used in the same way in all referenced sets to support identification, versioning and packaging. They do not directly affect the specific features of a particular reference set or reference set type.
  • Reference set columns that contain SNOMED CT identifiers are expanded to show details of the concept or description referenced by that identifier. In some cases, the term is shown in the same column using the expression syntax, in other cases an additional column with a name suffix '_term' has been added. In the standard reference set files only the identifier is present in the column and there is no added column for the term. When using reference sets, the term and other details of the component are looked up from the relevant component release files.

Descriptor template and examples

The tables below show the descriptors that define examples of reference sets that follow the 1187636009 | Simple map to SNOMED CT type reference set (foundation metadata concept)| pattern.

Table Refset Descriptor rows for Map to SNOMED CT with correlation and origin type reference set

Refset Examples

Table Sample Content from a Map to SNOMED CT with correlation and origin type reference set

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