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The following data types are used in the release files:

Table 2.3-1: Data Types Used in Release Files

Data Type


A SNOMED CT identifier, between 6 and 18 digits long, as described in 5.2. SCTID Representation .


Universally Unique Identifier, 128-bit unsigned Integer


32-bit signed Integer .


UTF-8 text of a specified length.


Boolean value, represented as one of two possible Integer values ('1' for true, '0' for false).


For release files, a time format down to day of the year is used, having an ISO 8601 basic representation of YYYYMMDD .

For development interchange formats, an ASCII text field in the ISO 8601 basic format YYYYMMDDThhmmss Z will be used. The time zone will always be UTC, as indicated by the trailing "Z". (e.g. 20080602T223000Z represents 10:30pm June 2 2008 UTC.)

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