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The NRC Guide is intended as a useful starting point for National Release Centers. More detailed information and a range of informative documents and training materials can be accessed from the SNOMED International web site The table below provides links to many of the key resources for further learning about SNOMED CT.


Key reference

General information about SNOMED CT
Materials include a benefits paper, a very short introductory presentation and information about licensing.

SNOMED CT Document Library
Access to a wide range of documents about SNOMED CT

SNOMED CT Browsers
The SNOMED International Browser and a list of other tools for exploring SNOMED CT content

Examples of how SNOMED CT is being used around the world.

SNOMED CT Starter Guide
A general purpose introduction to SNOMED CT which complements this guide.

Vendor Guide 
The Vendor Introduction to SNOMED CT provides an informative practical introduction to SNOMED CT focused primarily on the needs of vendors and developers of EHRs.

SNOMED CT Technical Implementation Guide
A detailed guide for designers and developers of SNOMED CT enable systems, tools and services, including release file format specifications

SNOMED CT E-Learning Server
Access to a growing range of online training resources about SNOMED CT. Including formal courses and open-access materials.

SNOMED CT Expo Presentations 
Presentation materials

About SNOMED International
More information about the organization that owns and maintains SNOMED CT