A SNOMED CT concept from the qualifier value domain.


  • The qualifier value domain is defined as including all the subtypes of the concept  362981000 | Qualifier value| . It contains a wide range of concepts that provide attribute values used in the definitions of other concepts. These values can also be used in expressions to refine the meaning of a concept or in the appropriate fields of a health record to add additional information.


  • The list below includes a small illustrative selection of the types of qualifier values.
             129264002 |Action|                               ⬅︎ provides values for the method attribute 
103379005 |Procedural approach|       ⬅︎ provides values for surgical approach attribute 
182353008 |Side|                                 ⬅︎ provides values for laterality attribute 
260299005 |Number|
272423005 |Degrees of severity|
261612004 |Stages|
284009009 |Route of administration value|
272394005 |Technique|  
7389001 |Time frame|
767524001 |Unit of measure|  
97289008 |World languages|

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