A negative assertion of mutability.


An indication of whether a release file field value can change between two released versions of the same component or reference set member.


  • All released versions of the same component or reference set member have the same id (field), but each version has a different  effective time (field)
    • If a field is mutable (Mutable=YES), its value can differ from one version to the next without changing the identifier. 
    • If a field is immutable (Mutable=NO), its value must be the same in every version of a component. To change the value associated with an immutable field, the existing component must be inactivated and a new component must be created to replace it. The new component must have a previously unused identifier. The field values are set to replace the inactivated concept with the updated information. 
  • The mutability for each field, in each type of release file, is indicated in the release file specification table for that component type or reference set.


  • Mutable

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