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New guide in development

The components in an Extension have the same structure as International Release components of SNOMED CT .

SNOMED CT International Release is not dependent on availability of any Extension. However, all SNOMED CT Extensions are dependent on the SNOMED CT International Release. Some Extensions may also be dependent on other Extensions. Dependencies between Extensions must be declared and must not be circular.

The following rules apply to dependencies between components and derivatives in Extensions.

Note: In these rules,

  1. Every Concept in an Extension:
  2. Every Description in an Extension:
  3. Every defining Relationship in an Extension:
  4. A Reference Set in an Extension:
  5. The enumerated values used in RF2 components that form part of an Extension must be all be represented by metadata Concepts that are present in one of the following Namespaces: the Containing- Extension , the International Release, or a Dependee- Extension .

The following additional rules are only relevant to Extensions represented using Release Format 1: