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This section summarizes the key requirements that drive the design, development and maintenance of SNOMED CT. There are several identifiable groups of requirements for meeting the stated goals.

  1. Requirements related to electronic patient records
    • Support for effective delivery of high quality healthcare to individuals
    • Support for effective delivery of high quality healthcare to populations
  2. General requirements for a terminology
  3. Implementation and migration requirements
  4. Requirements related to the intended user communities
    • International, multilingual applicability
    • Support for particular local requirements.
  5. National and strategic priorities
  6. Summary of requirements
    • This final section brings together the requirements identified in each of the previous sections as a summarized statement of all the requirements for SNOMEDCT.

These groups of requirements are closely interrelated. The design objective is to enable all the potential user communities to realize all the potential benefits. However, it is possible to envisage a situation in which the benefits delivered to different user communities vary. Indeed such a situation is almost certain to arise as a temporary consequence of any pragmatic development and maintenance timetable. To meet the overall objectives, the design must take account of the entire range of needs, and the approach taken to meeting requirements must be scalable, to enable extension to new user communities.