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9.2.1 Limited/WAS A 

Applies to users of the SCA Tool: Prior practise permitted the use of Limited as a reason for inactivation with a value of WAS A for the Association type. This is no longer permitted however when a concept with Limited status is inactivated as the result of a related inactivation, the relationship Limited/WAS A has to be restored. 

9.2.2 Considerations for 'range' concepts

Concepts that are used as a target value in an attribute relationship impact the placement of the source concept of the relationship. Some concepts, for example, those in the Qualifier value hierarchy are created to support the definition of other concepts.

Review after addition of new attribute value

Creation of a new concept that will be used as the target value in an attribute relationship requires an author to determine if there are active concepts in the ‘domain’ hierarchy that should also use the new concept as a target value.

It is important that reviews such as these are undertaken and the relevant changes are consistently applied. Inconsistent use of the new ‘target value’ concept will result in issues in the logical definition and placement of the relevant ‘source’ concepts within the ‘domain’ hierarchy. For example the creation of a concept | Surgical replacement - action | would require a review of current active concepts that represent surgical replacement procedures; that were previously modeled with the attribute relationship |Method | = |Replacement –action |.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 3.21.26 PM.png

Concept that represents a surgical replacement procedure that currently have that  relationship  | Method | = |Replacement –action |,  would require inactivation of the relationship and creation of a new relationship | Method | = |Surgical replacement –action |.

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