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Past tense verbal phrases must not be used to name procedures, since they invoke a temporal context that indicates that the procedure was done. Any existing terms containing past tense verbs should be moved to the situation hierarchy.

Terms for procedures should also be examined for the presence of a phrase that can be categorized as a sentence function type - i.e. imperative, declarative, interrogative, or exclamatory. These should be disallowed in procedure terms. A procedure term should be a noun phrase that names the procedure, and should not contain information that it was done, or is to be ordered, carried out, or planned.


| Hand tendon ganglion excised | indicates the procedure was done, as a past tense declarative statement. This is a situation with explicit context, not a procedure.

| Excision of ganglion of tendon sheath of hand | is a noun phrase giving the proper term for the procedure.