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In SNOMED CT, the verb form describing the clinical action within a fully specified name and a preferred term should be the ending -ion, not -ing.

For example,

    • Incision instead of incising
    • Destruction instead of destroying
    • Harvest instead of harvesting


The -ing ending may be used when there is not an -ion or other appropriate verb form and when the -ing form is in common usage.

For example,

Past tense

A past tense verbal phrase should not be used to name a procedure, since it indicates that the procedure was done in the past.

Unacceptable example, 

    • Hand tendon ganglion excised indicates the procedure was done, as a past tense declarative statement. 

However, the following is an acceptable example using a noun phrase, 

Situation hierarchy

Existing descriptions containing past tense verbs should be moved to the Situation with explicit context hierarchy.

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