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The following SNOMED CT documentation is made available to accompany the International Release of SNOMED CT from the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). 

SNOMED CT Starter Guide

  • The Starter Guide is the ideal place to start learning about SNOMED CT. It covers a wide range of topics related to SNOMED CT at a fairly high-level but with sufficient detail to be useful to most reader
The Starter Guide replaces the previously published User Guide

SNOMED CT Technical Implementation Guide (TIG)

  • The TIG is intended for SNOMED CT implementers, such as software designers. The TIG assumes information technology and software development experience. Clinical knowledge is not required, although some background is helpful to understand the application context and needs.
  • The TIG contains guidelines and advice about the design of applications using SNOMED CT, and covers topics such as Terminology services, entering and storing information, and migration of legacy information.

SNOMED CT Editorial Guide

  • The Editorial Guide is intended for clinical personnel, business directors, software product managers, and project leaders; information technology experience, though not necessary, can be helpful.
  • The Editorial Guide is intended to explain SNOMED CT's capabilities and uses from a content perspective. It explains the content and concept model, and the principles used to edit the terminology.


SNOMED CT ICD-10 Mapping Specification

  • This document describes the mapping use cases and technical procedures applied to the co-development of a SNOMED CT to ICD-10 map by IHTSDO and the World Health Organization (WHO). It provides guidance on the intended purposes and practical use of the mapping files produced from this development.

SNOMED CT Release Format 1 Guide

  • The RF1 Guide provides technical information relevant to those using the original SNOMED CT Release Format. Although this format was replaced by RF2 in January 2012, the old format is being maintained for a transitional period.

SNOMED CT Non-Human Refset Guide

  • A guide to use of the "Non-Human" Simple Reference Set that contains concepts and terms that are only used in veterinary medicine. This guide applies to content that is dated July 2013 or before. As of the January 2014 International Release, non-human concepts have been moved to an extension.

SNOMED CT Developer Toolkit Guide

  • A guide to use of value-added files and scripts that are provided as a toolkit available as part of the SNOMED CT International Release.

 Additional Documentation: The following materials previously published in separate documents are now integrated as part of the Technical Implementation Guide.

  • Technical Reference Guide
  • Namespace Identifier Guide
  • Namespace Identifier Registry
  • File NamingConvention
  • RF2 Data Structures Specification
  • RF2 Reference SetSpecifications
  • RF2 Update Guide
  • Stated Relationships Guide
  • Canonical Table Guide (previously included in RF1)