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This section shows some example uses, diagramming existing content from SNOMED CT.

Figure 25Definition of 12676007 |Fracture of radius| in distribution normal form including identifiers

The concept definition shown in Figure 25 shows that the concept 12676007 |Fracture of radius| is equivalent to the following distribution normal form expression -

Figure 26Definition of 12676007 |Fracture of radius| in long normal form without identifiers

Figure 6-1: shows the definition of INLINE12676007 | Fracture of radius | again, however this time in long normal form and without identifiers. The expression on the right had side of the diagram equates to the text expression - INLINE64572001 | Disease | : {116676008 | Associated morphology | = 72704001 | Fracture |, 363698007 | Finding site | = 62413002 | Bone structure of radius |}