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This document describes a diagrammatic notation for representing the definition of a concept, an expression, or relation between expressions within SNOMED CT. The aim of this guideline is to:

  • Provide a consistent, diagramming style in documentation
  • Reduce ambiguity and misunderstandings caused by multiple different representations
  • Improve the quality of diagrams through a consistent approach, prompting consideration of all relevant aspects
  • Increase efficiency, allowing the SNOMED CT community to rapidly exchange ideas
  • Reduce effort by providing templates supporting commonly used tools

This guideline is for use in all SNOMED International documentation and is strongly recommended for all other documentation representing SNOMED CT concepts and models.

Alongside this document, templates for Visio, Omni Graffle and PowerPoint are also published.

Who Should Read This Specification?

The intended audience for this document includes members of the SNOMED CT community of practice who wish to diagrammatically represent a SNOMED CT concept or expression.

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