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Current Version - Under Revision

This part of the guide addresses requirements that arise from changes to the content, structure and use of the terminology.

The first significant change management challenge relates to migration from other coding schemes or from a less structured electronic record system. Decisions must be made about retaining or converting records, queries and protocols originally created using a terminology other than SNOMED CT .

Each release of SNOMED CT introduces some changes to content. Many of these changes are additions to breadth and depth of coverage. There may also be corrections to concept definitions and enhance the expressivity of the Concept Model .

  • These changes are an essential characteristic of an evolving clinical terminology that seeks to support changing requirements. However, significant changes need to be evaluated and managed to assess and adjust for any effects they may have on the data entry and retrieval and validity and comparability of data from different sources.

Occasionally there may also be additional technical artifacts or specifications developed to meet emerging requirements.

  • Additional material related to updating to support

    Release Format 2

    has also been included and provides an example of guidance on technical changes.

As systems evolve and as the content and structure of SNOMED CT are enhanced there is a continuing requirement to manage changes smoothly and without loss of information or functionality.

  • As experience grows, this guide will be further developed to address a broader range or change management issues.