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  1. Make sure you have the information referenced here:

  2. Make sure there is a Zabbix maintainence window and maint screens go up etc.

  3. Run a backup. Or check you have last night's backup (depends on if there has been any work since last backup).

  4. You will need the code system shortname e.g. for Sweden: SNOMEDCT-SE
  5. Release. May/Will need the release team as versioning = releasing. 
    Version the existing branch via this end point :!/code-systems/createVersion
    example  json: 
      "version": "2016-06-30",
      "description": "Version prior to moving to the 2016-07-31 International release",
      "effectiveDate": "20160630"


  6. Once version is OK & authors want to carry on editing..... you will need to set up the validation by :
  7. Update the previous release (previousRelease) to point to the new release (this is what the RVF will use to validate against)
    First get the existing branch metadata : either via :!/branches/getBranch  and entering the branch 
    or directly e.g.
    Then go to!/branches/updateBranch
    and paste in the metadata from before and edit the previousRelease to match this release.
    You can then check by re-running the first steps and see that the metadata look ok.
  8. You will need to create an release/alpha release for use by the ami. The is done by the release team. 
    They should come back with a S3 url to a zip file to use in the next stage.
  9. Once a release has been created, create a new AMI for use by the validation service: Adding a new extension or international release to RVF
  10. Things to check after the release: 
    1. Does this content base have any daily builds running? If so they will need to be changed to run off the new branch path / date
    2. Does there need to be  a release feedback branch ? If so get the branch name etc from the release team
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  1. Hi Adam,

    We need to create a release feedback branch after versioning. For international release it is under MAIN. (e.g MAIN/RFBINTJULA). For extensions the release feedback branch should be created under MAIN/{releaseDate}/{codeSystem} (e.g MAIN/2016-07-31/SNOMEDCT-SE/RFBSEMAYA).