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Periodically the Snomed International Edition that Managed Service Extensions are based upon will need updating to the latest release.

This involves:

  • Importing the DELTA of the new International edition release into the MAIN branch (The createVersions flag will create the new code system version and release branch automatically)
  • Merging any Extensions which require to be on the latest to the International release branch.


  • As soon as the Members Release is available send a copy to B2i, along with the latest PROD-MS backup so they can perform local testing.
  • Once B2i testing is complete all Managed Service Customers are to be advised the option to upgrade is available when they are ready. (Note: The US will require their upgrade as soon as the Members release is published, as they have tight timescales before their release)
    • NOTE: The NRC must ensure all tasks they want to keep are promoted to the Project BEFORE they request an upgrade. During an extension upgrade only the content of the extension branch is moved forward, task branches that were dependent on the previous version will be lost.
  • The NRC must log an MSSP ticket for their upgrade which will be assigned to B2i to complete.


  • Make sure to promote every task on the current project that's going to be upgraded to avoid losing any data during the upgrade process.
  • Once the upgrade is completed and B2i have updated the Branch Metadata, the ticket should be re-assigned back to the DevOps Team.
  • Update the Classification Service as per the instructions HERE
  • Update the Extension Base field in PROD-MS-WORKFLOW with the new upgraded Branch. e.g. MAIN/2018-07-31/SNOMEDCT-XX 
  • Classify and Validate the project and if the results look normal then reassign the ticket back to the requestor as resolved.
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