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When a extension or international release is done the daily build will have to have the dates changed to point to when the next release is due.

The quickest way to do this is to editing the current manifest and then use this to replace the existing one.

To use the danish extension as an example:

  1. First thing to remember : daily build is forward looking. As such you will need the date for the next release. This will be used below (e.g. for effective date)
  2. Get the current manifest from:  s3://ire.execution.release.ihtsdo/dk/snomed_ct_dk_daily_build/product-files/manifest/manifest.xml 
  3. International Manifest is at: /ire.execution.release.ihtsdo/international/snomed_ct_ts_release/product-files/manifest/manifest.xml
  4. Change all occurrences in the mainfest.xml  of the old date (e.g. 20170331 ) to the new date (20170930) e.g. DK1000005_20170331.pdf to DK1000005_20170930.pdf
  5. Save and replace in the s3 bucket
  6. Nota Bene: In the files/settings below the "effective-date" is actually the next release.
  7. reset the dates in the various jenkins jobs e.g.
    "effective-date":"20170331",  > "effective-date":"20170930",
  8. reset the dates etc in the relevant yml files in ihtsdo-ansible e.g. daily-build-browser-json-conversion-local-dk.yml 
    Look at / check:  unpacked_release_file_name  and int_unpacked_release_file_name (if an extension)
    effectiveTime = the next release  expirationTime= the date this release will expire (usually a year afterwards) rf2_diff_start_date = 1 day after the releasedate 
  9. Update srs with relevant values see the last parts of: Creating a daily Build. If need be. Usually just updating the manifest correctly be enough as the srs update is mostly to set up a daily build in the 1st place
  10. Nota Bene : Make sure the published zip in S3 is accompanied by a matching unzipped example. the daily build needs this so as to avoid unzipping all the time. 
    If the release is published via S3 then this will occur as part of that but if a beta then possibly not.
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