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  1. Use an existing daily build as a template:

    for example:

    change the command from :

    {"productName":"SNOMED CT TS Release","effective-date":"20170131", "exportType":"UNPUBLISHED","branchPath":"MAIN"}


    '{"productName":"SNOMED CT DK Daily Build","effective-date":"20170131", "exportType":"UNPUBLISHED","branchPath":"MAIN/2016-07-31/SNOMEDCT-DK","releaseCenter":"dk"}'


    "effective-date": Can stick wuth 20170131 for now as future date 
    "branchPath": = MAIN/2016-07-31/SNOMEDCT-SE & MAIN/2016-07-31/SNOMEDCT-DK

  2. productName needs to be set up in SRS for example:

    Product name:
    SNOMED CT DK Daily Build

    Product name:
    SNOMED CT SE Daily Build

    Release Center:


  3. Make sure the target zip file is unzipped in the relevant s3 folder. e.g. if you are looking to use /ire.published.release.ihtsdo/dk/ 
    then there is a matching unzipped folder /ire.published.release.ihtsdo/dk/SnomedCT_ManagedServiceDK_Production_DK1000005_20160215
  4. Get the dailybuild configs from :
    You will have to add a new one if the extension does not already exist there. if it does simply edit.

  5. Now create the product in SRS by :

    Editing to set the api= url e.g. api=http://localhost:8080/api/v1 (if looking to run on the same instance)

    Editing with a variety of specific information (effective dates etc.etc. )

    I then commit and push locally and then ssh onto the relevant instance and then

    Clone the repo on the instance e.g.:

    git clone

    cd to the relevant dir and run the



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