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(originally posted by Eirik Hafver Roenjum  - copied from 96808101 )

We recently implemented a Proof of Concept for patient information as open data in Norway - with SNOMED CT as the metadata core. In this work we did an installation of Snowstorm, and used this as API against the front end GUI. The project was very successful.

We will now reset Snowstorm and build the terminology server in a more sustainable way. But we have not found good documentation on best practices on how to install different extensions in different branches.

So far, we have put the International Edition (MAIN) in the root. Then we have installed all extensions (Norwegian extension, ICPC-2, local extensions) as separate branches under MAIN.

This works, but means we have to make quite a few queries to different branches to get the data we need.

Is this the recommended way to do it? Or do you merge different packages in common branches?

Is there any documentation on this? Or is there someone with experience to share?

Thank you very much in advance!

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  1. (this thread was copied from the overall space Questions section)

    thanks for the question, and great to hear about your proof of concept. In response to your questions:

    The approach that you have followed for extensions is the one that we follow and would recommend, I.e. International Edition on MAIN, and then CodeSystem branches underneath (MAIN/SNOMEDCT-NO, etc). Where an extension is dependent on another extension, it's basically a sub-branch of the extension branch.

    You can find instructions on how we do this and keep it updated as part of the exercises on SNOMED International Developer Training days, Exercise #1.

    Querying different branches currently would involve querying each of the relevant branches, and that could end up being quite a few queries. However, we are currently investigating how to query across more than one branch in order to implement a cross extension search for the SNOMED International Browser.

    So, watch this space (or rather the GitHub repo!).

    I'll also move this question to the discussion forums, Discussions, as these questions also get missed!


  2. Hi Eirik Hafver Roenjum, if you have extensions which are dependant on each other you can import them in a branch tree structure.

    For example if you have a local extension SNOMEDCT-NO-NORD which depends on the Norway extension this could live at MAIN/SNOMEDCT-NO/SNOMEDCT-NO-NORD.

    This way running a query on the Nord extension branch also queries the Norway extension. We have used the same technique to host the Argentinian extension in the public browser using branch MAIN/SNOMEDCT-ES/SNOMEDCT-AR.

    The ICPC-2 content is not so straight forward.. if this content is common to all Norway content it could be loaded into the SNOMEDCT-NO code system along with the Norway extension? The downside to this would be that the ICPC-2 content could not be versioned independently of the Norway extension within Snowstorm but this may be an acceptable inconvenience.

    Let us know if you try any of these ideas and how you get on.

    Kind regards, Kai