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Below is the generic agenda used for the SNOMED International Developer Days.

Agenda items are subject to change based on local requirements and timings are likely to be fluid throughout the day.

Don't forget to take part in the SNOMED International Public Slack channels or request an account in order to do so

The slides for the day can be found in this zip file -

Training Day Date


LocationBuenos Aires, Argentina

Day Highlights & Objectives

  • Installing the SNOMED International SNOMED CT terminology server
    • Importing SNOMED CT
    • Updating SNOMED CT to new versions
  • Retrieving SNOMED CT content
    • Simple retrieval
    • Advanced retrieval with queries
  • Grouping SNOMED CT content
    • Reference sets
    • Subsets
    • Valuesets

09h00Welcome and coffee
09h15IntroductionOverview and objectives/goals of the day
09h30Local introductionSetting the local context (input needed from host country)
09h45Tools for the day & the initial setupSoftware tools and SNOMED CT tools that will be used for the day
10h00Exercise #1

Set up of environment, tools and initial import of SNOMED CT

Exercise #1 - original

11h00Coffee Break
11h30The Structure of SNOMED CTAn overview of SNOMED CT, it's structure and data model
12h15Getting around SNOMED CT
12h30Exercise #2Retrieving SNOMED CT content
14h00Advanced SNOMED CT queryingHow to retrieve snomed content using queries
14h30Exercise #3Use queries to retrieve SNOMED CT content
15h00Reference sets, subsets and value setsThe use of reference sets, subsets and valuesets within SNOMED CT
15h30Coffee Break
15h30Exercise #4Retrieving reference sets, their members and creating them
16h00SNOMED International Tools, demos and what is availableA brief overview of all of the SNOMED CT tools available to you from SNOMED International (and others)
16h30Q & A, and anything else