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Will there be a face-to-face meeting in SF in march? I remember that we should consider how many were likely to participate before deciding. How was the feedback?

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  1. Hoping for April associated with the business meetings in London.  Am still awaiting info on how to request this.

  2. We are currently finalizing plans for a face to face meeting associated with the business meeting in London.  Tentatively, we anticipate meeting on Monday, April 24 all day and Tuesday, April 25 for  half a day, likely in the morning. The business meeting is taking place once again at the Amba, Charring Cross Hotel and I anticipate our meetings will be in the same location. Among other agenda items,, we will be reviewing the status of the odontogram and a possible ref set that could be used to define it, methods to effectively model dental caries (Dr. Warren's response in that discussions string will be the starting point for that discussion),  and likely reviewing many additional terms that may be advanced through the USA.  There is also a need to take another look at periodontics, as it appears the international community has redefined certain terms since we last reviewed not long ago.

    Finally,the March 1 teleconference is cancelled, due to a conflict with the new USA standards process meeting for SNODENT, which has been scheduled for that day. Due to previously scheduled personal conflicts, I am unable to push it to the week before or either of the two weeks after.  Therefore, our next meeting will be the face to face meeting in London.

    You may contact me directly with any further questions.  Thanks again to all of you for  your time and efforts.