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NOTE: The following ways of working will be updated based on the experience of introducing and working with Virtual Clinical Groups


Ian Green - Clinical Engagement and Education Business Manager (Chair)

Shelley Lipon - Global CSR Executive lead

Charles Gutteridge - Clinical Lead, EMEA

Jane Millar - Collaboration Lead


  • Provide coordination of all Clinical Reference Group activity
  • Provide direction for clinical project and editorial group activities that form part of the SNOMED International workplan
  • Provide cross fertilization of discussions/activities across all Clinical Reference Groups and identify common themes
  • Review work requests from Clinical Reference Groups and provide recommendations for future action
  • Identify the need for new Clinical Reference Groups, including specification of scope and purpose
  • Provide a mechanism for reaching agreement on conflicting clinical content requirements between Clinical Reference Groups
  • Provide a process for raising to the organisation on the issues from the Clinical Reference Groups


The Clinical Coordination Group will provide quarterly updates to the Management Board on Clinical Reference Group activity. This may include the following:

  • Summary of Clinical Reference Group activity
  • Emerging clinical themes and important clinical issues
  • Identification of requirements highlighted by the Clinical Reference Groups, and reviewed and accepted by the Clinical Coordination Group.
  • Requests for new Clinical Reference Groups

Additional updates may be raised to the Management Board as required

Meeting schedule

The group will communicate virtually, with a formal quarterly meeting to review and agree the update for the Management Board.

In addition, ad hoc meetings as required to discuss particular issues raised through the Virtual Clinical Groups, which would benefit from a discussion rather than just email

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