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The aim of the IHTSDO Consultant Terminologist Training Program is to enable an individual with SNOMED CT authoring experience to develop into an IHTSDO Consultant Terminologist. The individual successfully completing the mentoring program will be designated as an “IHTSDO Consultant Terminologist”, with their name registered as such on the IHTSDO website. This registration is to be used by IHTSDO as evidence that the individual is qualified and capable of undertaking advanced terminology development tasks. Periodic recertification will be required to maintain registration.

YearlyProject ScopeDeliverablesRelease

Annual cohort of Consultant Terminologists - Covers support, education and management of the course

  1. 2017 CTP program cohort commenced April 28 2017 with a face-to-face meeting. Participants now either working on their first assignment or have just submitted for review. Second assignment confirmed. 4 additional education sessions scheduled.


2017Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease
1.Program Assessment and Evaluation
  1. Outcomes to potential streamline
2018Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease
1Closure of the Consultant Terminologist Program
  1. Closure of the Consultant Terminologist Program.
  2. Handover of the recertification of certified consultants to Education and Product Support.
2019Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease

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