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Changes in this release

New features/improvements

None in this release.

Defects Corrected

Key Summary Linked Issues

Additional Notes

This is a maintenance patch release for the International Authoring Platform, running on the Snowstorm terminology server, to resolve a validation save error when MRCM is disabled, and to activate a configuration controlled target address for the user guide link in the Authoring Platform page footer.

Module versions in this deployment

ModuleVersionDeployment notes
Authoring-Services (API)5.15.0unchanged
Drools Rules2.2.5unchanged
Orchestration Service1.40.3unchanged
Reporting_UI (Schedule_Manager_UI) 1.2.10unchanged
Reporting_Engine (Schedule_Manager)4.1.1unchanged
SNOMED Templates2.1.1unchanged
Template Service (API)2.0.0unchanged
Traceability Service1.5.1unchanged
SCT Browser (TS Browser for Int)3.9.0unchanged
Terminology Server (Snowstorm)4.6.0unchanged

Related dependencies for information

ModuleVersionInfo/context notes
Classification Service4.3.0unchanged
Identity Management Service (IMS)2.0.1unchanged
RP Autoscaling (config)4.1.1unchanged
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