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Member Countries

IHTSDO was established in 2007 by nine countries who became the original (Charter) Members of the organization. IHTSDO now has over twenty Members and has issued Affiliate licenses to more than 5,000 individuals and organizations. You can get more information about current Member Countries on their respective home pages by following the links on the left side of this page. The most recent version of the annual IHTSDO Activity Report also contains a summary of the status of the organization and its Members.

Members of IHTSDO can be either an agency of a national government or other bodies (such as corporations or regional government agencies) endorsed by an appropriate national government authority within the country it represents. The IHTSDO welcomes new Members. For more information, please see Joining IHTSDO as a National Member or contact us to discuss this further.

Once joined, new Members should consult the IHTSDO New Member Information Pack as a starting reference point.

Organizations that use SNOMED CT or develop software of services using SNOMED CT require an Affiliate License. IHTSDO does not charge for Affiliate Licensing or for use of SNOMED CT in Member countries. However, charges do apply to use SNOMED CT in Non Member Territories.